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Finished Projects Gallery / Re: EDSA Evolution
« Last post by Mann und Schott on Today at 11:19:59 am »
Pretty awesome and I also really like the use of the Photos. How did you do that?
Finished Projects Gallery / Re: living Room Interior Scene
« Last post by Mann und Schott on Today at 11:02:09 am »
Thank you for your Feedback!
Finished Projects Gallery / Re: Triple-3D Magazine Renders
« Last post by domoweklimaty on Today at 07:49:51 am »
Cool, the building shots look good aswell. They have something in common with magazines? :)
Anyways, great lighting.
Nice, a little bit too yellowish to me.I would add a dense layer of trees in the background to cover the horizon. Works well to use big trees (oaks etc) close to the object and move them underground, so you don't see the trunk of the tree. Lumion trees are quite lightweight, so you can spam them all over the area.

Also, the lights and shades still appear a little bit flat. Maybe lower/rise the sun and see, if that helps? :)
Finished Projects Gallery / Re: EDSA Evolution
« Last post by LG on Today at 01:09:53 am »
Thank you all for your kind word. I've been doing this for many of our urban design projects :)
OK.  All the best then in finding a license.

We can post your request in the Commercial Section of the Support Center if you would like.

If a sale proceeds, we do not get involved in that process other than to enable the License Key and contact details to be passed from seller to buyer and our records on contact details updated.  When that is to happen let us know and we will post some steps about what to do.
Definitely V9 is class, I was using it as a trial version and there is no possible comparison between them, but lets give a chance to 6V and do some "vintage" renders  :-D, then I will consider to buy newer version.
Fair enough.

We have had a few users no longer needing Lumion that have sold their licenses.  But more recent versions.

V6 was a good version (of course  :-D), but there have been a lot of changes since then, and I wonder if you will be able to provide the expected output as compared to what can be done now in that version.  In other words it might not give you the right platform for your business.  And secondly the upgrade price from V6 to V9 is EU € 2399.00 which is getting to be almost the price of a new license.
Hi Peterm,

Well, I wish to get one of those but as a self employer is the one I can afford I think :D

Click here if you have not got Lumion yet / Re: Seeking Lumion 6 license
« Last post by peterm on Yesterday at 10:12:34 pm »
Hi Tailor

Welcome, and thanks for your interest in using Lumion.

Can I ask why V6 and not V8 or the new V9?
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