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I have just downloaded the trial version.  When I try to import a sketchup file into the program it says error importing model contact support.
Finished Projects Gallery / Re: art view
« Last post by Mike Makki UK on Today at 11:22:41 am »
its a scene from the movie IT ..:)
Finished Projects Gallery / Re: Modern Barn House - Lumion 9 : by Aodk
« Last post by AtelT on Today at 08:06:47 am »
Very nice Aodk !
This is some of my work done using Lumion 9 Pro.
Hey Guys,

Since I work for a few car brands I have a large car library in lumion, Here is a few of them. Hope you like it.

Really nice job on the interior lighting & materials.  The only thing bugging me out is that it looks like there is no glass plane? Can't tell... Also,  if the interior is going to be nicely exposed as you have it.  Exterior is going to be much brighter. So if that background image was lightened along with some interior reflections on the glass, it could really sell the realism you've got going on the interior.  Great job!
Wow! Nice work.  What a massive project - I hope you had help modeling all that up! I really liked how you treated the silhouettes in the windows at night. Seems like a really great an inexpensive way to suggest activity.  I'll have to put that to good use.  Congrats!
This looks really good! I think just a bit of subtle imperfections added to the materials and/or a bit more play with reflections / glossy reflections would push the visuals even further.  Regardless - very nice work!
Such a nice and balanced image, thanks for sharing  :)
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